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    SEI Identification Solutions (SEI-ID) offers market-leading Intelligent Marking System suitable for many different environments and applications. SUMITAG Intelli-Mark System comprises of these parts: RFID Intelli-Mark Tags, RFID Intelli-Mark Readers, RFID Intelli-Mark Antennas, RFID Intelli-Mark Software and RFID Intelli-Mark Printers. SUMITAG Intelli-Mark System can turn any passive component into smart or intelligent component, and enable organisations to automatically manage and control assets, to reach and sustain consistently high levels of performance of asset management, and/or Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM).


    With specialized RFID Intelli-Mark Tag materials for mounting on challenging surfaces or in challenging environments, SUMITAG Intelli-Mark System is used to identify components and assets accurately and cost-efficiently for all types of industry applications including Aviation, Automation and Rail.

    RFID Intelli-Mark Tags made with HPi label materials can survive the most aggressive environments in the world. High performance RFID Intelli-Mark Tags are available in a comprehensive range of materials, including silicone, neoprene, PVC, nitrile and PTFE, as well as other materials to suit specific end user applications.





    Advanced Ink Transfer and Print Capability



    The unique alpha-numeric ID programmed inside RFID Intelli-Mark Tag’s Integrated Circuit (IC), can also be printed on surface material by method of ink transfer ensuring that the ink penetrates and bonds with the molecules of the material substrate using the same SUMITAG RFID Intelli-Mark Printers, to facilitate identification and installation of RFID Intelli-Mark Tags into specific components and assets.


    Laser-beam marked SUMITAG Intelli-Marker surface are also available and particularly suitable for ultra-harsh environments, where chemical contamination and extreme temperatures are present.


    Our skilled technicians can print virtually anything you want on the complete material boundary, any way you want, with complete accuracy.






    SUMITAG Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) System 



    The diagram above shows illustration of possible assets with RFID Intelli-Mark Tags being detected by antennas. When read, these assets data can be posted to a database along with a set of variables specific to the reader.  SEI-ID offers easy to use RFID Intelli-Mark Software for any fixed or remote RFID solutions allowing for optimum Asset Management and/or Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM). 



    RFID Intelli-Mark tags: the next generation cable ID system



    Specially formulated RFID Intelli-Mark Software technology has been developed over decades to ensure we can provide the required RFID read and write capabilities for RFID Intelli-Mark tags.


    With RFID Intelli-Mark Printers, we can re-program each RFID Intelli-Mark tag with unique alpha-numeric ID, then label anything from the most basic to the most complex numeric, instructions, symbols, tables and even logos on its surface, to facilitate installation works. Characters can be printed in single or multi-lines of any length surface, in horizontal, vertical or variaxial® (combination of horizontal and vertical) formats.




    Custom Requirements 


    We can supply RFID Intelli-Mark tags in black, white, red, yellow, blue and green inks, plus other colours on request.


    Continuous bulk reels or custom length RFID Intelli-Mark tags are available, as well as specialist Par-O-Cut ®, spiral cut, and slit-cut variants. All custom packed to your requirements.



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