RFID-RPX Raised Panel Label ()

    RFID Extended Fire Safety Raised Panel Label

    Extended Fire Safety (SumiTag Intelli-Marker) Raised Panel Labels

    The SUMITAG Intelli-Marker (RFID-RPX) Raised Panel Label is specifically designed for the marking of instruments or components. They are made from zero halogen, low toxicity, self extinguishing radiation crosslinked UV stabilised polyolefin sheet using OSNH grade material. It is mostly used for mass transit and underground applications where human life is critical as it features extended fire safety standard properties.

    Each RFID Tag can be re-programmed (read/write) with a unique ID in all global UHF frequency regions, that enables end users to reach and sustain consistently high-level performances of asset management, including Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM).

    Main Attributes

    • Flame retardant
    • Low smoke
    • Zero halogen
    • Self extinguishing

    Further properties

    • UV Stable
    • London Underground Approved
    • Print Quality to Mil. Spec. Standards
    • Rapid 24 hour Print Service Available
    • Certified and issue to LUL-1-085
    • Red and white print possible

    Industry Standards:

    • SO/IEC 18000-6C
    • EN 45545-2 R22 (HL1, HL2 & HL3)
    • LUL 1-085
    • LUL 2-01001-002 (E1042A6)
    • BS6853 Cat. 1a
    • BS 4G198, Part 3, Type 15
    • DEF STAN 59-97, Type 8
    • REACH Compliant
    • RoHS Compliant

    Additional Information

    Recommended Printer: -

    RFID-CN4NX-203M-S (RFID Printer)

    Single Sided SumiTag Printer STP-SQX-300-S-NC-S

    Single Sided SumiTag Printer STP-EOS5-300-S-NC-S

    RFID UHF 868 / 915 MHz (read and write)

    Recommended Ribbon: - FTI-M Series


    Room Temperature at (50-70%) humidity

    The storage stability is one year after delivery

    RFID Features and Benefits:

    Designed to meet EPCglobal Gen2 (V1.2.0)

    Worldwide operation bands - RFID UHF 840-960 MHz

    Up to 800-bits of NVRAM Memory

    Class leading read and write performance

    Dynamic Authentication-anticloning/anticounterfeit



    Temperature Range-40°c to +105°c - 175°c (Short Periods)
    FlammabilitySelf extinguishing
    Toxicity Index (D.Stan)0.938
    Smoke Index (D.Stan)5.6
    Oxygen (D.Stan)>31
    Tensile Strength7.0 MPa
    Elongation At Break200%
    Chemical ResistanceG198/DS 59-97 Fair

    Marker Size (mm)

    Text Area

    Markers /box


    User Memory (EPC Size)

    Order Code

    45mm x 15mm 45mm x 15mm 125 White / Yellow512 Bits-Higgs3RFID-RPX-45-15-WE-S
    65mm x 12mm 65mm x 12mm 250 White / Yellow512 Bits-Higgs3RFID-RPX-65-12-WE-S
    69mm x 19mm69mm x 19mm125 White / Yellow512 Bits-Higgs3RFID-RPX-69-19-WE-S
    90mm x 45mm90mm x 45mm125 White / Yellow512 Bits-Higgs3RFID-RPX-90-45-WE-S
    100mm x 50mm100mm x 50mm125 White / Yellow512 Bits-Higgs3RFID-RPX-100-50-WE-S
    For pre-printedLabels & EPC
    tags, pleasesupplied blank,
    provide datacustom printing
    file of marking & reprogramming
    information. on request.

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