RFID Diesel Resistant Cable Labels 135°C

The SUMITAG Intelli-Marker (RFID-DR) cable label is designed to survive environments where wire and cable identification is exposed to organic fluids and oils for long periods at high temperatures, the diesel-resistant label is ideal for mass transit applications. Each RFID Tag (cable label), can be re-programmed (read/write) with a unique ID in all global UHF frequency regions, that enables end users to reach and sustain consistently high-level performances of asset management,
including Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM).

Main Attributes

    Further properties

    • Diesel Resistant
    • Meets SNCF Spec. NF-F00-608
    • Meets UL 125C, 300V
    • Print Performance to Military Standards
    • Time Saving Ladder format
    • Colours - white and yellow as standard

    Industry Standards:

    • SO/IEC 18000-6C
    • SNCF NF F00-608
    • REACH Compliant
    • RoHS Compliant

    Additional Information

    Recommended Printer: -

    Single Sided SumiTag Printer STP-SQX-300-S-NC-S

    RFID UHF 868/915 MHz

    Recommended Ribbon: -

    2020 Series Black

    Print Performance: -

    Adherence: SAE-AS5942

    Fluid Resistance: MIL202 Method 215J

    Store in original packaging

    Recommended temp. at +10°C to 25°C 45-55% R.H.

    Use within 3 years from date of manufacture



    Continuous Operating Temperature-55°C to +135°C
    Low Temp Flexibility -55°CNo cracking (pass)
    Heat Shock (250°Cx4h)Pass no crack, flowing or dripping
    Oxygen Index24% min
    Tensile Strength13.8 MPa Min.
    Elongation at Break200% Min.
    Diesel Fuel ResistanceNF F00-608 - 7mpa min.
    Secant Modulus172 MPa Max.
    FlammabilityFlame ratarded 60 sec Max. ASTM-D2671 (B)
    Water Absorbtion2% max.

    Marker Size mm

    Printable Area mm



    Marking Information

    Order Code

    75x15mm55x15mm50WhiteThese labelsRFID-DR-75-15-WE-S
    90x25mm73x25mm50Whiteare suppliedRFID-DR-95-25-WE-S
    75x15mm55x15mm50Yellowblank, readyRFID-DR-75-15-YW-S
    90x25mm73x25mm50Yellowfor customerRFID-DR-95-25-YW-S
    printing using
    SUMITAG system.
    For pre-printed
    tags, please
    provide data
    file of marking
    The RFID IC can
    be reprogramme
    with unique ID

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