Heavy Duty Professional Heatgun

    Steinel HG4000E Heatgun

    The HG 4000 E has a smaller nozzle than the HG 5000 E and delivers up to 600 l of hot air straight to where it's needed. Fitted with the appropriate attachments (accessories), the HG 4000 E is ideal for larger areas such as welding plastics. To ease maintenance it has an easy to change heating element and the power cord can be changed without taking the enclosure apart.

    Main Attributes

      Further properties

      • Fully electronic temperature and airflow control
      • Intelligent motor and temperature control
      • Display showing selected and actual temperature
      • Easy-to-read LED segment display
      • Sturdy single-piece enclosure
      • High-performance, long-life brushless motor
      • Barrel shape for optimum stationary use
      • Continuously adjustable airflow and temperature

      Industry Standards:

        Application Method

        Shrink on

        Available Colours



        Length / dia. (at knock guard)370 mm / 122 mm
        Voltage230 V / 50 Hz
        (other voltages also available)
        Output1750 W
        Temperature25 - 600° C
        Display modeLED segment display
        Airflow regulationContinuous
        Airflow rate600 l / min. max.
        Delivery nozzle30 mm dia.
        Heater lifeapprox. 500 – 800 hrs.

        ORDER CODE


        AT-HG4000E Heavy Duty
        Professional Heatgun
        AT-077358 Reduction nozzle with
        reflector guard
        AT-077457Precision reflector
        AT-07755610mm reflector nozzle
        AT-07765510mm reflector nozzle
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