Printhead for Thermal Printers ()

    300/600 Dpi

    Printhead 300Z Dpi for A4+M

    The printhead of the label can be replaced without the need for fine adjustment. The printhead must be replaced if worn or when switching to a printhead with a higher or lower resolution. For better differentiation, the print heads have a label stating the printer type and resolution.

    Main Attributes

      Further properties

      • Printhead comes preadjusted for easy installation
      • Preadjustment only for paper based materials
      • Special adjustments for the materials
      • Comes in sealed bag

      Industry Standards:


        The printhead can be damaged by static electricity

        discharges and impacts.

        Setup printer on a grounded, conductive surface.

        Ground your body by wearing a grounding wristband.

        Do not touch contacts on the plug connections.

        (Diagram 2,3)

        Do not touch printing line (Diagram 5)

        with hard objects or your hands.



        Total Print Width105.6mm (4.16in)
        Total Number of Dots1248
        For adjustment and replacementSee user manual

        Ordering Code


        TPH-A4+-3002 years or 50km
        TPH-A4+-600printing on
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