H-M Solder Termination Sleeve (STS)

    Military Specification STS without Lead/Braid

    H-M Series Solder Termination Sleeve

    Solder Termination Sleeves (STS) are the most reliable method of terminating a wide variety of coaxial cables and screens. They can be used for wire to wire, wire to pin connections and triaxial cable assemblies. STS are designed to solder, seal terminations, provide strain relief and are installed by the application of heat.

    Main Attributes

      Further properties

      • Mil. Spec. AS83519/1 (QPL Listed Product)
      • Immersion Resistant
      • 150°C Degrees Operating Temperature
      • 183°C Degrees Solder Melt Temperature
      • Install with Convection or Infrared Heat
      • Sn63 (RMA Flux)

      Industry Standards:

      • SAE-AS83519

      Application Method

      Shrink on

      Install with convection or infrared

      Available in packs of 100 off

      Available Colours




      Operating Temperature-55 to +150°C Degrees
      Solder Melt Temperature+183°C Degrees
      Solder TypeSn63 (63% tin, 37% lead)
      Temperature Indicating Paint (TI)Yes
      Jacket TypeKynar
      Includes Lead WireNo
      Includes BraidNo
      Environmental sealsYes
      RoHS CompliantNo
      Flux Type RMA



      Cable O/D Range


      Mil. Spec. Reference

      STS H-M-110.5mm to 2.6mm7mmM83519/1-1
      STS H-M-220.5mm to 2.6mm7mmM83519/1-2
      STS H-M-330.5mm to 2.6mm7mmM83519/1-3
      STS H-M-440.5mm to 2.6mm7mmM83519/1-4
      STS H-M-550.5mm to 2.6mm7mmM83519/1-5

      Other styles of Solder Termination Sleeves are available and can be supplied with alternative coloured wire.

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